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Low levels of Oestrogen and Progesterone
can result in headache pain from tinnitus
to migraines during Perimenopause.


Increased headaches and intensity of headaches can also be a symptom of menopause due to low levels of Oestrogen and fluctuating Progesterone. These 2 reproductive hormones affect chemicals in the brain that can spark a headache, plus poor sleep and stress can bring on or worsen headaches.

Self-help tips for hormone headaches

  1. Eat small, to keep your blood sugar level up. 
  2. Regular sleep pattern, avoid too much/little sleep. 
  3. Avoid stress.
  4. Regular exercise.

Dietary triggers

  • Alcohol, especially red wine
  • Aged cheeses, such as Parmesan
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy products