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Practical Empowerment to Enhance Midlife

We are aware that our bodies and minds go through physiological and cognitive changes around the age of 40. Our bodies try to guide us towards prioritising self-care and slowing down, even before symptoms of Perimenopause appear. Our goal at Midst is to make this stage easier by offering information on why these changes occur at 40 and beyond, and options and solutions to help.

Oestrogen and Hormone levels by age

Prepping for Perimenopause

We believe making life adjustments as you approach midlife, before symptoms of Perimenopause occur, can greatly enhance your midlife experience.

We have grouped these into 4 areas:

If you are feeling symptoms of Perimenopause, have a read of our Feeling Peri section and check out our Collection of options.


Midst suggests: Menopausing: The Positive Roadmap to Your Second Spring, Davina McCall, Dr Naomi Potter.