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Midst Medical Menopause Plan

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When experiencing changes it's worth speaking to a specialist Menopause Doctor to understand your symptoms and options. Your GP may not have been given enough specific training in the Menopause space, and appointment time is limited. A consultation with a Specialist Menopause Doctor can set you up well for this stage in life and give you time to discuss it properly and develop a plan for you.

Midst Choice: Dr Nina Wilson of One Woman Health

The Midst Menopause Doctor is Dr. Nina Wilson, an experienced GP accredited to the highest level by the British Menopause Society and an expert in online healthcare. 

Nina qualified as a doctor from Cambridge University, gained an MA from Oxford University in Physiology and Pharmacology, and holds membership of the Royal College of GPs and a practising member of the British Menopause Society. After holding senior roles within the NHS, and Privately, Nina now focuses on women’s health. Midst and Dr Nina Wilson align on the values to simplify midlife and empower women with practical options.

'As a doctor, I see that there are few things that respond so well to the right management and support as menopause. The transformation I see as women rediscover themselves and move ahead with new energy inspires my passion to empower as many women as possible.'

Dr Nina Wilson can offer a specialist Midst Medical Menopause Plan:

1 x consultation (up to 45 mins) and 1 x check-in (email of online call).

Midst Medical Menopause Plan:
Dr Nina Wilson Midst Menopause Specialist Doctor. Dr Nina Wilson is smiling at the camera with hands placed on top of eachother sitting at a desk. Picture is from waist upwards. She is wearing a white top and pink tailored jacket. Her hair is very light brown, and sits a few inches lower than her shoulders and a loose fringe.
Midst Medical Menopause Plan Sale price£300.00