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Midst Hot Flush Cooling Pad, RATED 5 STAR

Sale price£28.50

Ideal for Hot Flushes. This sleek and practical Midst Hot Flush Cooling Pad is a versatile gel pillow designed to the optimal weight and size for easing hot flushes, especially at night. When the body temperature rises (from 1-3º) during a hot flush, place the cooling pad directly onto the skin, on face, neck or chest, to cool the body for instant relief.


EFFECTIVE - reduces temperature immediately by 1-3º. The cooling pad remains at 18º at room temperature so when applied to hot areas, it cools immediately (without being refrigerated).

VERSATILE - designed to the optimum size and weight, the cooling pad can be placed on key areas of the face, neck, shoulders and back. 4 key options suggested in order to cool quickly.

DURABLE - 5 year guarantee.

The Midst Hot Flush Cooling Pad comes in a beautiful smooth pouch which enables the pillow to be rolled up and transported easily.

Best use
For night time cooling, leave beside your bed for when it's needed.
The Midst Hot Flush Cooling Pad is designed to cool by being placed directly onto the skin. We advise not to put in your pillowcase.
For extra cooling, place in the fridge for 1-2 hours, lasts for 12 hours.

Optimal weight of 1.3kg to maximise cooling and comfort to manoeuvre at night.
Black Nylon coating PVC to transmit cold.
Black Midst branded for discreet placement.
Satin pouch for elegant storage and transport.

Product Details
35cms x 53cms Black Midst Cooling Gel Pillow.
1.3kg for optimum cooling.
Fabric: Nylon coating PVC with the edge-wrapping fabric made from polyester and cotton.
Cooling gel is made from Water, CMC and high polymer.

Midst Hot Flush Cooling Gel Pillow. Black flat PVC Pillow lying flat, with grey satin ouch sitting on top.
Midst Hot Flush Cooling Pad, RATED 5 STAR Sale price£28.50