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Stylist - Colour Consultation

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Midlife is a journey of transformation. We change in personality and appearance. Often this leads to finding new ways to express ourselves to feel aligned with who we are. Colour is a key ally in navigating how we feel about ourselves. 

It influences our mood, our self-perception, and how others perceive us. The right colour palette can elevate your confidence, ensuring you always look put-together. It’s about finding the shades that flatter your skin tone, uplift your spirit and complement your natural palette.

Midst Recommends: Colour Harmony Session with Melanie Potro.

Melanie a certified Personal Colour Analyst, dedicated to helping women in midlife find their signature colours. With a scientific approach blended with an artistic touch, Melanie guides you through the maze of colour psychology to the shades that suit you best.

The Midlife Virtual Colour Harmony Package includes:

  • In-depth Colour Questionnaire: To understand your colour preferences and lifestyle.

  • Personalized Colour Analysis - 60-minute session: A thorough assessment of your skin tone, eye, and hair colour.

  • Colour Palette Guide: A handpicked selection of colours that will enhance your natural beauty and help take the guesswork out of shopping.

  • 30-minute Review Session: To ensure you’re radiant and confident with your new palette.

This consultation is an empowering step towards embracing the beauty of midlife with colours that reflect your essence and joy.


Stylist - Colour Consultation
Stylist - Colour Consultation Sale price£249.00