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Online Pilates - Midst 6 sessions

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We know that movement is important for our physical and mental health, however the right hobbies and activities can help us in multiple ways.

In midlife, and entering Perimenopause we know our body and mind are changing. Some women experience weight gain in their midsection, others find their cardiovascular workouts aren't enough to maintain their body and mind health. 

Midst suggests Pilates as part of your fitness regime for a number of reasons:

  1. Tones and strengthens your core.
  2. Reduces stress through breathing and relaxation. 
  3. Help expel toxins from the body, by stimulating lymphatic flow through stretching and twisting.
  4. Enhances concentration through breathing technique and mindful thinking. 
  5. Improved balance and posture through core strength and improved coordination.

Midst Choice: Midst Online Pilates Program (6 core sessions). Coming Soon.