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Mirena Coil Fitting

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 In our 40s our periods tend to change; more emotional, more unpredictable, heavier, longer. It's different for each woman.

The Mirena coil is an option;
  • to reduce the number of bleeding days
  • to provide an excellent, highly effective form of contraception
  • to provide a small amount of progestogen hormone - at a time when it is decreasing in women's bodies
  • that works with Hormone Replacement Treatment with oestrogen to support women through hormonal fluctuations.

Mirena coil is the gradual reduction in the number of bleeding days and the amount of blood loss each month. This is the exact opposite to non-hormonal coils that can make periods heavier and more painful in some women. With the Mirena coil, a significant number of women may have very light or no periods at all.

  • Five years contraceptive cover
  • Comfortable and unnoticed when fitted
  • Alternative to the contraceptive pill
  • Helps control heavy periods
  • Highly experienced and friendly staff
Midst Choice: To arrange a private Mirena Coil Fitting through HCA Healthcare, of Nuffield Health